The Real Benefits For Your Home and Business

More and more people are well aware of the dangers fossil fuels pose to the world, which is why it’s no big surprise people are turning to alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power to “power” their homes. After all, solar and wind energy sources are great options to saving the environment as well as some cash.

A Brief Look At Solar and Wind Power

A Look At Solar Power – Understand that the sun’s energy provides more power than the globe could use in 27 years. There are some locations around the world such as the United States desert region, Africa, Asia and Latin America where residential solar power is a more viable option. The problem is that people are not so educated on home solar power systems and how they can use it.

A Look At Wind Power – People are also uneducated when it comes to wind power. Where some areas can use wind turbines, others places in the world cannot. The reason is that turbines need a constant wind speed of eight to 14 miles per hour and people need to own at least one acre of land.

If you have a piece of land that’s suitable, you can use wind and solar power to warm up your home and produce electricity, no matter where you are in the world.

The majority of people are geared toward solar power although it’s a huge expense compared to the other renewable energy options. They like solar power because it’s highly beneficial to the environment and user.

How The Switch To Solar and Wind Power Can Benefit You

Some states offer people who upgrade to solar or wind power tax breaks and subsidies. You can find help with the assistance of your utility company. You may have a surplus of your new power supply that you can sell it back to the utility company for a credit.

You can see a big benefit from installing solar power technology in your home on your monthly energy bill. In fact, there’s a chance you’ll never have to pay a utility company ever again, depending on how much wind and solar power equipment you choose to install.

For people who choose to install solar and wind power will find that the value in their home will appreciate. If you want a market that sells on the market, consider installing renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. Your realtor can tell you how much your home can sell for.

According to the National Association for Real Estate Appraisers, every dollar you save using renewable energy, your home increases its value 20 times. The reason the house appreciates is that people will pay more for solar and wind power.

Take an audit of your house and its power and make a promise to reduce that amount. Can you effectively manage your household’s demand for water, light and heat? Does the house have sufficient insulation and no leaks?

There’s no reason to switch to wind and solar power if you don’t take the steps to keep it from disappearing due to gaps. You should also be aware of what home appliances you have and purchase wind and solar power generators to meet the demand of your home.

You can dramatically reduce your energy consumption by purchasing energy efficient machines, reduce your home entertainment systems and have your water heater well insulated. By investing in solar and wind power, you can see rewards both in the wallet and the environment.

Take Responsibility

Are you responsible for your results?

What comes to mind when I say that?

When you hear that you’re totally responsible for the results you produce in your business and in your life—you might jump to a conclusion. You may think that I’m suggesting that you should take the blame for your results.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

By taking responsibility for your results and your outcomes— you grant yourself great power.

If you acknowledge that you’re truly responsible for the way your projects end —good or bad— you give yourself great power. You can use this newly discovered power to make your projects end up another, possibly more desirable way.

Before I go on, let’s agree on a few things.

The first agreement: The results you produce are determined by your choices and your actions.

Second agreement: A lot of people look upon failure as a bad thing.

What if there was an optional way, a more productive way to view a failure?

I believe that failure isn’t really as much about failing as we might believe.

I’d like you to think of failure as a success. You don’t fail.

You are successful at reaching an outcome 100% of the time.

Here is a question that will help shift the traditional mindset. Is the result you produced the result you had intended to produce or was the result unplanned?

I want you to start looking at failure in a new light. I want you to start thinking of failure as a process that generates unplanned results.

Using that definition you can begin to view your results as a stepping stone to greater success.

This shift in thinking will provide you with the chance to change the choices and/or the actions that are producing your unplanned results without making yourself feel like you’ve been doing something wrong.

Here is a story I use to illustrate the point.

The genius inventor, Thomas Edison had performed more than thousand, unsuccessful experiments while on his mission to create the electric light bulb.

Edison was asked, “How were you able to continue with your experiments after encountering so many failures?”

Edison replied, “I did not look at the unsuccessful attempts as failures, but rather as a thousand ways not to make a light bulb.”

He took responsibility for each outcome, made adjustments and continued on to success.

For most people, the ability to take responsibility for unplanned outcomes and adjust accordingly calls for a new “skill set”. You have to develop and exercise the “skill muscle” called responsibility.

Focus on developing your “skill muscles”.

One way to develop these “skill muscles” is to pattern your results oriented behaviors after the model for Effective Communication.

Effective communicators know their outcome and state it in the positive. In other words they focus on what they want versus what they don’t want.

Effective communicators have the awareness to know whether they are moving away from or towards that desired outcome.

Effective communicators have a flexibility of choice and action that allows them to make a course correction, especially if what they were doing was producing unplanned results.

As your “skill muscles” grow stronger your ability to achieve your desired outcomes more easily and more often will emerge. Your ability to communicate effectively with yourself and with others will grow proportionately.

Be ready and willing to ask yourself, “For what parts of the project am I willing to take responsibility?”

In addition, I suggest that you stop taking things as seriously as you have been.

That is not meant to imply that what you’re up to is not serious. It’s just that life is serious enough without making it more so.

Remember that life is an adventure over which we have little control.

We make choices, we take action and we play the game the best we can.

Being enlightened is the best mindset to have when you play the game.

So— keep in mind that the greatest pathway to enlightenment is to— Lighten up.

Remember to— Play the game, take responsibility and lighten up.

“Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.” -G.K.Chesterson

© 2005 Ian Krieger

Ike Krieger is the founder of He is a nationally known business language expert, mentor, speaker, radio and TV talk show host, educator and author. He is a former communications instructor at Ohio State University.

He has served as business makeover specialist for the LA Times and writes for the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. He is the current Chairman of the Board of the North San Fernando Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce. Ike’s business success builder programs have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, salespeople, consultants and professionals get an even bettershot at networking, selling and business success.

Motion Activated Security Cameras For Home and Business

I can remember back in the day when I ran the food program at a large University. Ahhh the bad old days-just as soon forgotten to be honest. Anyhow I digress.

As you walked into the main dining room there was place with cubbyholes for students and other customers to put their books and coats. It was right by the front desk so my folks could keep an eye on it. Additionally there was a surveillance camera pointed right at the cubbyholes.

I worked there for nearly 4 years without an incident. Then one day a coed reported her purse was missing. Problem was she wasn’t sure when she lost it or where for that matter. That is why they go to college-to learn these things.

Anyhow back in the office after going through hours and hours of tapes mostly just scrolling through a blank screen we finally found the jerk. As it turned out he had a record and was the husband of one of my trusted employees. You just never know.

To the point: motion activated security cameras can save a lot of time and space on your computer if you are looking for a specific incident. These days all recordings are date/time stamped and if the motion activation feature is employed you can save a ton of time looking for the bad guys.

The motion activated security cameras I am talking about are hidden inside various household objects like an exit sign which is perfect for an office, business or warehouse operation; an alarm clock, two different wall clocks, a tower fan and desk lamp all of which could be used in a home of business application. There is a boom box, air freshener, air purifier and electrical outlet model too.

They are so cleverly disguised no one would know there’s a camera, microphone and DVR inside. To record simply aim in the direction you want recorded and using the remote click to start recording.

These complete motion activated security cameras are a complete system all inclusive. How neat is that? Everything is recorded on an SD card. When you want to play it back put the SD card into your computer’s SD card reader or using the included cable hook it up to your TV-BINGO-that easy!

Bring your surveillance game to the next level with this next generation of all inclusive hidden surveillance cameras with built in DVR, microphone and camera. Find out what is going on when you are not there at home, your business or office with one of these technical marvels.

Save Money on Your Gas and Electric Bills

Choice. It’s a nice thing to have. A choice in what car we drive. A choice in where we live. A choice in who our doctors are. A choice in where we buy our groceries from, who we pay our phone bill to, where we get our energy from…WAIT?! Did I just say where we get our energy from?! Yes I did and it means that YOU now have a choice in who you pay your monthly electric and gas bill!

Energy Deregulation

With the recent passing of a government mandated bill the country is rapidly opening up its energy markets to competition: this means a choice of new energy companies consumers can now choose to give their business to. Many of these companies are looking to expand their markets through the fast sweeping phenomenon that is the deregulation of an industry. The last time this happened was the deregulation of telecom back in the early 90’s and it meant HUGE savings for consumers. The same thing is happening again, only this time with our energy. If history repeats itself this means much lower prices for consumers as companies aggressively compete with each other.

Right now over 30 states are currently deregulated: some gas, some electric and even more are both electric AND gas deregulated. This number is rapidly increasing every year and sooner than later everybody in every state will have a choice in where to get their energy from.

Different companies all have different rates and they are aggressively priced to remain competitive. You often have the option to choose your rate plan, similarly to how you can choose you cell phone service. For example, do you want to pay month-to-month or does a fixed rate contract suit your needs better? Some companies offer great incentives if you choose to opt for a longer term fixed rate. These are the common two rate plan types you will encounter when checking out alternative energy companies:

Variable: This rate changes from month-to-month, based on how the market is. The pros to this kind of rate plan is that you are not locked into a contract and there is no termination fee if you should choose to switch back to your default provider. The con is that you never know where the market is going to be and you could wind up paying more (or less) next month.

Fixed: This is a fixed rate that locks you in for the duration of a contract period. Usually there is a termination fee associated with a fixed rate if you choose to cancel however you are ensured peace of mind that you pay a consistent rate every month.

Keep in mind that your utility provider will never change. For example, if you have PSE&G for your electric this will remain the same. They provide the power lines to your house and thus will always remain your utility company. You simply have the choice on what company supplies your energy. You can find who your current supplier is by looking at your utility bill and checking under the “supply” line.

It is to the consumers’ advantage that they at least shop around between different alternative energy companies and compare them to what they are paying with their current providers. Everybody will most definitely be able to save a significant amount from what their default provider is offering and in troubled times such as these, even a savings of 5% a month can be beneficial. Don’t let this powerful new option of choice slip you by!

Reduce Your Business Gas Expense

Businesses around the UK are attempting to cut back on unnecessary expenses, amid the recession which has seen many of them liquidate, and many employers forced to make redundancies. There is no better way of saving money for a business than by examining simple straightforward ways of making cut backs and reducing waste.

For many companies, one such waste is that of their high utility bills, which can cripple a small scale company and make the difference between making monthly profit or not. Energy prices are at an all time high, and so it has never been more important to look at ways to reduce these costs.

Gas prices in particular are costly; those who are astute will take note of these simple tips to cut down on their business gas expense:

Duel Fuel

If you get your electricity and gas from the same supplier, they may offer a discount, which will help to lower costs and keep the bills you receive fewer and simpler.

Check out offers

Keep an eye out for offers, which may include discount rates for buying online.


It’s vital to insulate your building to avoid wasting heat, and therefore money. Government grants are available to help with loft insulations and cavity wall insulations. This move can reduce gas bills by as much as 30% which makes it a certain worthwhile investment. By the same rule, investing in double glazing will insulate your business premises further.


There are many online comparison sites which allow you to examine the best and cheapest provider for your utilities. There can be a huge difference in price so take advantage of these sites to make sure you are getting value for money. Without comparing online, you are trusting blindly that you are getting a good deal, which could be far from the truth. Keep in mind when doing gas price comparison online that you should consider not only the price, but also customer service, reputation, reliability and customer satisfaction – all of which you will be able to research online. Keep in mind that there is no hassle involved in changing supplier – it can be done at the click of a button, but few people take advantage of the competitive nature of the market, with 47% of households having never switched their energy supplier.

Turn off radiators during summer months

Turn off radiators during summer months, at a centralised location within the office, to prevent wasted heat which isn’t needed.

Get your boiler serviced

A regularly serviced boiler will work more efficiently, saving on your gas bills, and can also avoid costly emergency fixing of a boiler, which can run into hundreds of pounds on call out charges, plus VAT.

Draught proof your business

20% of all heat-loss is through poor ventilation and draughts. This is easily fixed by utilising foams and sealants available at most DIY stores, and you should save around £20 a year on your heating bills. This will add up over time and the draught proofing will pay for itself many times over.

A Wave of Potential Electricity Sources

With concerns over the scarcity of fossil fuels looming ever larger, the search is on to find effective energy sources to provide the electricity of the future. Many scientists have their sights set on renewable energy, which offers a clean and potentially limitless source of power if harnessed correctly.

Renewable energy is far from a new concept, with wind farms and hydroelectric dams having delivered power to remote areas for decades, but no clean energy source has yet taken the baton from the staples of coal, gas and oil. These renewable power sources do hold incredible potential, however, and some are already being widely used even in residential homes, to provide an effective supplement to traditional energy.

Solar panels are a good example of technology that is finally reaching its potential. Photovoltaic cells were in development throughout the 20th century, and today offer exceptional levels of efficiency, despite being hindered in some areas by their reliance on natural sunlight. Solar power currently accounts for less than one per cent of the world’s electricity, but with ever falling costs associated with the technology, it could soon become a more prominent source of electricity.

An even faster growing source of renewable electricity is kinetic energy, most commonly seen in the form of wind farms. Despite currently providing less than one per cent in the United States alone, these silent turbines produce no air or water pollution and show tremendous promise for production of energy on a global scale,. However, being less expensive and more reliable than solar panels, wind farms could soon be on the rise as a major source of power for homes and businesses alike.

Biomass is another form of electricity production that’s gradually building momentum, and is popular among suppliers due to the comparatively cheap methods of collection involved, using natural leaves to collect solar energy rather than man-made PV cells. This said, one major drawback currently affecting the uptake of biomass energy is the expensive cost of water needed to irrigate the land used.

Other alternative electricity sources have been less rapid in their expansion due to the associated risks, most notoriously nuclear power. Whilst it’s not to say that other forms of power don’t have their benefits, using the afformentioned renewable sources are less risky with regard to health and safety issues. With increasing research and development of clean, safe and renewable energy sources, the suppliers will no longer have to run any risks in order to provide electricity for generations to come.

Your Savings on Business Power Can Help Grow Your Business

Every business needs business power to help save on energy costs. In the UK there are domestic rates for homes and business rates for businesses, the reason business have a different rate is they use bulk electricity and gas. Saving on these costs is important for any business. Despite deregulation in the 1990’s many businesses have not considered comparing prices among the various energy suppliers.

No business can afford to not save on electricity and gas usage, and finding different ways is excellent strategy to reduce energy costs and also conserve the environment. Having an impact on your carbon footprint means that you are helping preserve the planet for future generations.

Reduction in the initial costs of fuels is one way to save money, but that is not the only option you have to save, there are other ways of saving energy:

. Consider lowering the thermostat of your central heating by one or two degrees it will not make a large different to the heat in the room but will make an impact on the electricity bill.

. Rooms that are not in use you can turn off the radiators, close the doors of rooms that are not in use to prevent loss of heat from other parts of the building

. Change to energy efficient light bulbs, this is an often overlooked aspect, a large business still using old energy guzzling light bulbs will have very high bills

. Turn off appliances at the wall rather than leave them on standby, many employees leave their computers and other appliances such as fax machines on standby mode, especially over night and weekend when these appliances are not in use.

. When you leave a room switch off the lights

. Ensure that all windows and doors are draft proof

. Install wall and loft insulation, this can reduce heat dissipation by quite a lot

. Install double glazing, this can make a big difference to keep drafts and heat in Cover your hot water tank with an insulating jacket to prevent heat loss, and also cover your pipes with lagging as well

. Replace energy guzzling appliances with energy efficient ones you will be amazed at the difference

. To make an impact on the environment switch to a green electricity tariff and supply

. Find out ways to generate your own electricity such as solar panels.

These are a few different ways to save on your electricity overall, you also need to look at your business power and find out if you are paying more than you should for your electricity and gas. Doing a price comparison between the many energy suppliers is one way of doing it but many businesses do not have the time to give to this task. This is where an energy broker such as PCM Switch who will do the comparison among the many trusted suppliers they deal with daily. PCM employs some of the best energy advisors who are very good at their job; they pride themselves in being able to find a quote that will suit a company’s business needs as well as offer considerable savings on their electricity and gas bills. Why not contact them today and get a free quote.

Identifying the Importance of Electrical Contractors in Your Business

In order to keep a large building maintained, there are many needs that must be tended to on a regular basis. Water and gas maintenance are two of the most important needs, along with electricity. Obviously no home or work environment can function without electricity and it is often best to hire in an electrical contractor to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Electrical contractors offer a specific skill set adept to taking care of electrical systems of any nature. They are often the very group that installed the system in the first place. Legitimate companies are fully licensed to operate and are often available on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Just think about the electricity you use each day, and how many things you actually take for granted. Something as simple as breathing is often helped with the aid of electricity. Without the use of ventilation systems or electrical air conditioning, it can become quite uncomfortable in a building without a sufficient breeze, particularly if there are a lot of people in a small office space for an extended period of time. Electrical ventilation will also help to keep pollution out, as opening a window for natural air conditioning in an overly polluted area can lead to real problems.

One of the biggest needs for electricity is in lighting. A lot of companies work late hours or night shifts, and some work in areas without windows such as warehouses, so these areas need to be electrically lit at all times. Without light, it becomes near impossible to companies to function, so electrical contractors must be on hand to fix any problem as quickly as possible. A large building will require a huge and complex lighting system, so contract companies have to be sufficiently trained and qualified.

The other biggest strain on electrical systems is computers. Nowadays computers can be found in almost every work environment. From single computers to vast networks, they all need a large amount of electricity to function. As well as operating single machines, many companies operate large central servers to store and transfer data throughout the company. If power is lost to any of these parts of the network the company can really suffer. Long transfers can be cut off prematurely, unsaved work can be lost and data can become corrupted. It is hugely important they are kept functional at all times, and backup electrical systems are usually set in place to pick up the supply in the event of an emergency. Both systems must be monitored closely at regular intervals.

Without a good relationship with their electrical contractors, businesses are open to huge losses. It is important you know that your electrical company is up to the job at hand and that they are always available to take care of your electrical needs.

Sarah Haines has a great deal of interest in businesses and the way companies and offices are run in day to day activities. This interest heads more specifically to the important factors, like electrical contractors, within a business.

Business Electricity Can Be ‘Greener’ And Cheaper Too

Being an energy efficient business is not just for show. These days greater demand for energy saving measures in business is mostly driven by the desire to reduce costs by cutting waste. That said, there is a growing body of evidence that more consumers prefer to spend their money with companies that take the environmental impact of their activities, including energy consumption, seriously. And there is also an increasing amount of legislation and incentives for businesses to be greener.

But let’s focus on cutting business electricity costs for now.

Saving energy in business began to rise up the agenda in response to the rise in the price of electricity and gas. The rise in energy prices built momentum around the middle of the last decade and famously, or perhaps rather infamously, hit the headlines in 2008 when oil, gas, electricity and just about every other commodity hit all time record high prices.

However it has taken some time for companies, especially small businesses, to really embrace the need to be more energy efficient. Where energy is a very low percentage of operating costs, many other issues, be they strategic or more day-to-day, tend to dominate management attention. However energy costs are more controllable than most people think. And lower business electricity costs feed straight through to bottom line profits.

The good news is making the right investments in energy efficiency can deliver steady returns with financial savings year after year, as well as environmental ones. Thankfully, energy suppliers like EDF Energy have been developing energy efficiency services and support that are more attractive for these companies.

So if there is a silver lining to rising prices, it’s that this message – taking a greener approach to business electricity use is also the cheaper approach – has started to sink in more and more

Since the infamous 2008 energy price shock, the recession has forced all businesses, regardless of their size and model, to look at where they reduce overheads – preferably quickly and at a low cost. However, finding low business electricity prices is difficult. Although energy prices have fallen since 2008, the era of cheap energy is almost certainly over. You’d be hard pressed to find a business that says business electricity prices are cheap.

So if overheads must be cut but business electricity prices can’t be, then the sensible alternative is to focus more on the amount of energy used and cut waste.This is an ideal way to plan for the future, not only to cut your own costs, but also those that weigh heavy on the environment.

Save Electricity in Your Business

Today, the use of electricity accounts for roughly 40% of the total cost of business. Most business organizations are reeling under tremendous pressure from high electricity bills and are finding ways to save electricity and reduce electricity bills. If you are looking for ways to prevent electricity in your business, then making use of efficient technologies at your place of business will greatly help to save electricity. You can save electricity in the following ways:

Computers consume a lot of electricity, hence switch off your computer or monitor screen when not in use. Make it mandatory for your staff to switch off their computer before they leave the office. Try to use laptops as much as possible as they consume up to 70% less electricity than desktop computers.

You must encourage and educate your staff about being more responsible in turning off electronic equipment especially fans and lights when they are not in use. Even a simple and small electronic device like mobile charger can consume electricity and can add to the electricity cost, so unplug the charges when you are not using them.

If you replace any electronic equipment in your business, make sure that you always buy the most efficient appliance. If you have a central heating system in your business, try to avoid using portable heaters. This would help to save a lot of electricity.

Regularly clean and replace the air filters in your air cooling systems. This will increase the energy efficiency of the system and you can save electricity.

Thus, businesspersons in Ireland can save electricity following the above-mentioned measures. Increasing number of people in Ireland have started implementing necessary measures to save electricity in business in Ireland.